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    Gauze tape also call gauze bandage or gauze roll, which is made of 100% pure cotton fabric, are widely used for protecting wounds and preventing bleeding. There are various of size be available, and be packed individually normally. They can be provided in hospital, clinic, pharmacy, first-aid and other wound dressing or care.

    Product features:
    1.Gauze tape is made of 100% bleached cotton material that does not cause skin allergy.
    2.Easily molds to body contours, good flexibility and comfort without restricting movement.

    Product details:
    Material: 100% Cotton, degreased and bleached
    Cotton Yarn: 40s, 32s, 21s
    Mesh: 12*8,19*9,20*12,19*15,24*20,28*24 or as per your request
    Size(Width): 90cm (36”), 120cm, 130cm, etc.
    Size(Length): 10m, 25m, 50m, 90m, 100yds (91m), or as per your request
    Layer: 1ply, 2ply, 4ply
    Type: With x-ray or without X-ray
    Color: White
    Packing: individually packed or 10pcs/bag, or as requirement

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    How to make an easy order with us?
    1.Please send your company’s general information to us;
    2.Please tell us what you would like to buy, and what is the qty;
    3.Please share with us as much as possible the detail requirement of the goods you want to buy, especially the packing information, that will help us make a quick quotation for you;
    4.Please confirm with us the final price and lead time before we sign contract;
    5.After above steps, we will take care everything until you get your goods in time and in quality.

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