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    Name: kid tin money box, Baby can open lid piggy bank
    Size: 7.5*10cm/3.9*2.9 in
    This is a child pattern 7.5*10cm round tinplate piggy bank. Its can open,
    Piggy bank in a cylindrical shape with a cute child’s pattern.
    Piggy bank that kids love.
    Can also be used as a multi-function piggy bank for pen holders.
    Can store hundreds of coins, this product is out of stock, only customizable
    Can custom pattern and logo.
    1. How long does it take to proof?
    About 15 days.
    2. Is it possible to provide samples?
    Yes, We can provide stock samples for free.
    3. How much is the minimum order for product customization?
    Custom quantity is 15000pcs.
    4. How many patterns can be customized for a product?
    One product can customize 8 patterns.
    5. How much does proofing cost?
    Proofing fee is $ 500.China Tin Round Piggy Bank suppliers