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    Water Processed Thermal CTP Plate
    Water Processed Thermal CTP Plate is the latest product developed by Konita. The enhanced technology and formulation brings the plate exceptional print performance and excellent print output. Non processing plate preparation brings user great plate making experience.
    Product Highlights:
    ➢ Advanced technology
    ➢ Enhanced formulation
    ➢ Great plate making experience
    Technical Specifications:
    PlateNegative working, no process required
    Gauge0.15 mm-0.40 mm
    Coating ColorLight green/ gray
    Spectral Sensitivity830 nm or 405 nm
    Exposure Energy Required160-180 mJ/cm2 or 55-75 mJ/cm2
    Resolution1%- 99% @ 200 lpi
    Run Length50,000 impressions
    SafelightDaylight up and yellow light
    Shelf Life12 months
    Work FlowChina Negative CTP Plate