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    PE pipe extruder line is primarily used in the manufacturing of HDPE pipes with diameters ranging from 20mm to 450mm. The various thickness of the pipes produced can make them suitable for applications range from urban water supply to gas transportation. This line also excels in the production of anti-flammable and anti-static electricity pipes using a two or three layer spiral mould for use in mining industries. Pipes produced feature even wall-thickness and perfect roundness. Through switching or adding certain part of machine unit, this line can also be customized to extrude pipes of various other kinds.
    1. Single screw extruder;
    2. Mould (Die Head);
    3. Vacuum calibrating and cooling tanks;
    4. Water cooling tanks
    5. Haul-off machine;
    6. Winder or stacker.
    Technical Parameter
    Pipe range(mm)16-6320-11075-160160-315
    Extruder power30kw45kw55kw132kw
    Extrusion capacity60-100kg100-150kg300-450kg750-900kg
    Max. Production speed10m/min6m/min6 m/min3 m/min
    Machine picture
    Finished product
    Product features
    1.It is very simple and convenient to operate;
    2.The production line has high production efficiency;
    3.Good operating system;
    4.Work does not produce a lot of noise;
    5.Good durability.
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