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    * Adult Diaper pants Specification
    Size (Fit Hips cm)SAP (g/pc)Absorption of water (ml/pc)WeightPacking (pcs/bags)

    * Adult diaper Pants of Main Materials:

    1. Imported pulp: Golden brand from US

    2. High quality SAP: with SUMITOMO SAP, imported Japan

    3. Elastic Waist : full of big elastic waist,

    4. Cloth like back sheet: soft non-woven back sheet,

    *Advantage of adult diaper Pants :

    1) Body curves design fit the body and makes user relax.

    2) Standing Leak Guard and Leg cuffs prevent side leakage.

    3) Double plastic adhesive tapes

    4) imported SAP absorb liquid and block the liquid easily.

    5) Soft breathable cover and absorbent core.

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