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    Catering to the automotive, electronics and communications industries
    10 years’ experience | Focus on complex mold construction
    Holding 10 years of experience GBM Mold Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2006, with a strategic mission – to build qualified molds in a fast turnaround delivery, with high cost performance ratio. This mission lives on today and sets us apart from other shops.
    Serving A Wide Range of Markets
    We will serve as your complete source for product profiles, mold making and injection molding services.
    We work with clients from automotive, household appliance, electronics, communications and other industries. Benefit from our strong engineering capabilities with sophisticated technical group, we are specialized in making various complex mold constructions, which include insert molding, stack mold construction, two-component construction, helical gear structure, unscrewing structure, secondary slider structure and hydraulic core pull.
    Besides, we have rich experience in hot runner technology, gas-assisted injection molding and mold flow analysis, and we are continuously developing new technologies that add value to the mold making process and push the boundaries of company capabilities.
    Offering Quality Services
    We are expert at handling the following:
    路 Product concept design
    路 RP making (CNC for prototyping)
    路 Product design analysis
    路 Mold designing
    路 In-house mold manufacturing
    路 Part inspection report
    路 Detailed list of mold components and spare parts
    路 Mass injection molding
    Work With Us Today
    We are keen to establish a long-term relationship with you. Contact us now to test our price level and service quality.Plastic injection molding parts