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    Flame Retardant for Co-polymer PP
    Flame Retardant YXPP-2Decomposition TemperatureRecommended dosageN、P、Br
    260℃HOMO PP0.7-1%
    COPO PP2-3%
    Flame Retardant Masterbatch YX2002R for COPO PPDecomposition
    TemperatureRecommended dosageN、P、Br
    260℃HOMO PP3-4%
    COPO PP6-8%
    Flame Retardant Masterbatch YX-4802R for COPO PP240℃HOMO PP6-8%
    PP Plastic Sheet(polypropylene hollow sheet, Twinwall polypropylene sheet), socket, outlet, automobile corrugated pipe, PP board in Mine industry,unit heater shell, electric equipment skeleton, Kettle Base.
    Usage Note:
    1.Referring to the lubrication system, we suggest using EBS. The foaming condition will come out if your use PE wax, zinc stearate, calcium stearate and Stearic Acid etc.
    2.The recipe can’t be mixed with BDDP FR, otherwise the final makeup will become pray and black.
    3.This masterbatch will not be affected because of adding the black mother. No retroaction to the UV stabilizer and antioxygen.
    4.This masterbatch is especially for Homo PP and Copo PP and their compound, Homo PP/Mitsui POE, and Homo PP/0-10% barium sulfate etc.
    5.It is not good to add the color mother with calcium carbonate.
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