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    12/24 core fiber plate
    Optical fiber splicing machine fiber method is:
    1. After the middle of the first two sides, that is, after the heat-shrinkable casing one by one placed in the fixed slot, and then deal with more than two sides of the fiber. Advantages: help to protect the optical fiber contacts, to avoid the damage caused by the optical fiber. In the optical fiber reserved disk space is small, the optical fiber is not easy to coiled and fixed, commonly used this method.
    2. Start with one end of the fiber, that is, from the side of the fiber tray, the fixed heat shrinkable tube, and then deal with the other side of the fiber. Advantages: According to the length of the flexible side of the fiber can choose more effective brass placement, convenient and fast, to avoid sharp bends, small ring phenomenon.
    3. Special circumstances, such as individual fiber is too long or too short, it can be placed on the final separate winding; with special optical devices, the other plate can be handled, if the common fiber co-plate should be The light placed on top of ordinary fiber, between the two cushioning pad to prevent extrusion caused by broken fiber, and pigtail fiber special devices not too long.
    According to the actual situation, the use of a variety of graphics plate fiber. According to the length of the residual fiber and reserve the size of the disk space, the natural winding homeopathic, do not pull hard pull.Splicing Tray Made in China