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    Led solar flood light camera is a newly developed product. A camera function is added to the solar flood light. By connecting to the network (wifi, etc.), you can view it anywhere using your mobile phone. You can check the surroundings at any time with or without power. It is more reliable and secure than traditional camera equipment.
    The battery is a 36,000 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery.
    Photovoltaic panels use A-grade monocrystalline silicon solar panels 6V / 40W. Solar panel size is 650 * 350mm.
    Led solar flood light camera uses 196pcs 2835 highlight chips. It uses a wide-angle lens, 2 million pixels, and 16G of removable storage space. Real-time monitoring throughout the day with clear picture.
    One full charge can use 2 rainy days.
    The size of the lamp body is 350 * 75 * 310mm.
    Install it in a courtyard or a square. Besides lighting, it can also monitor property security and prevent someone from damaging your belongings.Customized LED Solar Light