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    Kingtau is a leading equipment supplier in the global manufacturing industry with its innovative digital printing technology and solutions for customers.
    With more than 20 years of experience in equipment R&D and whole project designment, Kingtau provides high standards, high performance and highproductivity in inkjet printer manufacturing in the field of advertisement, textile, ceramics, glass, wood flooring, metal slabs, packaging and electronics industries.
    As manufacturers’ demand for flexible production is growing continuously, then traditional manufacturing industries need to adopt new technologies to meet the trend of miniaturized orders, high-frequency conversion and customized design. The industrial digital printing technology is the best choice.
    KINGTAU builds bridges between customization design and flexible production in large scale production successfully. Our cutting-edge innovations include technologies, automation systems, printing software, ink compatibility, visual inspection, motion control, image detection, equipment maintenance, and electronics design.
    Within its excellent innovation ability, manufacturing technology and problem-solving skills is poised to drive the supply chain confidently into the future. KINGTAU devotes itself in providing the best solution for industrial technology upgrading in various industrial fields.800mm Ceramic Inkjet Printer suppliers