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    Decorative reeded brass tubing indicates that the brass pipe has reeded edges and it’s extensively used for decoration. It is generally drawn by stage die and finished mould in sequence from round brass tube. Guilin Lijia has produced it for many years and has accumulated much production experience. We can customize in accordance with customer’s specific drawings.
    Alloy and production standard:
    C26000, C27000, C27200, C28000, C38500, C68700 (ASTM B111 or ASME SB111)
    CuZn30, CuZn36, CuZn37, CuZn40, CuZn39Pb3, CuZn20Al2As (EN12451 or EN12449 or DIN)
    CZ106, CZ107, CZ108, CZ109, CZ110 (BS British Standard)
    C2600, C2700, C2720, C2800, C3560, C6870 (JIS Japanese Industrial Standards)
    Chemical composition:
    62.0≤Cu≤71.5 ; Zn Rem
    Maximum outside diameter: 50.8mm
    Maximum reeds: 45 reeds
    Maximum length: 4 meters
    Field of application:
    On the basis of blossom shape, high workability, corrosion proof property and shining golden colour, decorative reeded brass tubing is extensively used for decoration in fields of bathroom, kitchen and architecture etc, such as lamps and lanterns, stair armrest, kitchen mixer, basin-bidet mixer and well-mounted kitchen shower mixer and so on.
    Our patents:
    Over 40 years’ manufacturing experience, employees working in Guilin Lijia have applied for a number of invention patents about high efficient working machines and technologies, mainly are followings:
    1. Synchronous saw of rolling machine;
    2. Cleaning and wiping equipment for long tube inside;
    3. Integrated equipment for annealing of nonferrous metal tube;
    4. Rotary adjusting device for ultrasonic probe;
    5. Furnace building and drying technique of induction furnace for copper-nickel alloy.
    6. And so and so on.Reeded Brass Tube wholesale